July Meeting

Tuesday, July 16 

Spoon-making On and Off the Lathe

Speaker: Bill Wallace


Mr. Wallace started furniture making in 1974 and woodturning in 1975. In 1969, he became one of the founders of New Light Wood Works (http://www.newlightwoodworks.com/) in Wake Forest. His work is shown at Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmoor, The Sunflower Studio in Wake Forest and the VAE (Visual Art Exchange) in Raleigh.

Annually, he participates in the The Larkspur Party in Raleigh in June and the Village of Yesteryear at the NC State Fair in October. He demonstrates his craft at both of these shows.

Bill teaches classes at the NC State Craft Center, Alamance Community College and at his shop in Northern Wake County. He has been teaching woodworking classes for over 25 years.

Artist's statement:

Wood is an amazing material. It can be as flexible as a piece of paper or as rigid as a beam of a house. By using skills that combine body and hands, mind and imagination, I create objects that show purpose, beauty and whimsy.

By cutting, turning and carving on pieces of wood, I expose a wide range of shapes, colors and textures. I enjoy working on more than one piece of work at a time. Much of my work is taken directly from a log or a piece of wood that I have found or reclaimed. This

usually means that Ill start working on the piece while it still contains moisture and it has to be dried while Im working with it before it can be finished. This process takes several months and allows me flexibility in the way I create my work.

To complete pieces I try to make them as stimulating tactilely as they are visually. Wooden pieces whether they are tools, toys or sculpture are long-lived and are a wonderful bond between past and future generations.

Host: Mark Firley





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