March Meeting

Finishing with Aniline Dye

  Glen Huey

Friday, March 15 

Workshop March 16 - 17

Glen Huey was born and raised in Ohio. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, he got into home building. A couple of career changes later and with a desire to expand his passion for woodworking, he opened a company to design and build projects for home-builders in his area. After completing a major project, he changed the focus of his work to creating 18th and early 19th century period reproductions. He is the author of several books about period furniture, was the managing editor at Popular Woodworking Magazine and is the founder of Woodworker’s Edge and 360 Woodworking. Friday night, March 15th, Mr. Huey will talk about using aniline dye finishing to get grain to pop. For the weekend workshop, March 16th and 17th, we will be building an inlaid tea tray. Skills and techniques covered include making inlay materials from shop scraps using a table saw and a spindle sander, sand shading and inlay process involving chisels and router.

Host: Mark Firley  


April Meeting

Wood-turning Techniques

and Shop Tips

Terry Brown

Tuesday, April 16  

Terry Brown, our long time friend and member, is going to share with us some elementary wood turning tips for the beginner and, as a reminder, to some of us who only use the lathe occasionally. Terry has a business in which he supplies large and very large renditions. I think he could turn a telephone pole if challenged. During the course of his business he has found numerous new ways to do things faster and easier. He will share his favorites with us. He will also show some other shop methods and jigs that will help us all. Come and be entertained and be amazed.

Host: Fred Ford





Scenes from our July Meeting



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