July Meeting

Designing and Building Fixtures and Jigs

Michael Peele

Tuesday, June 18, 7:00 PM

While working with Terry Tenhouse on his Toys for Tots project he seemed to think that I have a somewhat interesting methodology or approach to woodworking and asked if I would do a program. I agreed to do one. So I'll be discussing two jigs, describing how I make them and how I use them. One is for creating slip tenons and the other for making shaped parts using a router table and bandsaw. For the tenon jigs, I will discuss how I make the tenon stock and then construct a jig for routing mortises for a nice tight fit. For the shaped parts jig, I'll show how I go from a design, to a jig and a finished part.

I also have automated my dust collector system and will describe how I did this and how to make
the automated blast gates. I'll also describe my controller and show how a very simple controller could be




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