July TWA Meeting and Weekend Workshop Featuring Brian Boggs Presentaton on Chairbuilding


July Meeting - 7:00 PM Friday, July 24th at Klingspor's Wookdworking ShopBrian Boggs Presentation on Chairbuilding

Workshop on July 25th and 26th - Brian Boggs Workshop on Chairbuilding

We are fortunate to have internationally acclaimed furniture designer Brian Boggs, who has been building fine wood furniture for over thirty-two years, as our presenter for a weekend workshop ion July. He and his team handcraft heirloom-quality furniture, one piece at a time, with a focus on design, craftsmanship, and sustainability. His original designs demonstrate original craftsmanship that lasts long enough to grow the next generation of mature trees. Ergonomic seating is Brian’s specialty, and each of his chairs is built with the human body in mind. He offers complete lines ranging from modern, sleek chairs, to traditional pieces inspired by ancient woodworking techniques, to elegant outdoor sets.

On Friday evening Brian will do a slide presentation of his work and discuss why he does what he does and what differentiates a chairmaker's realm from that of a cabinetmaker.   He will bring along a cadre of chairs for show and sell always adds a little interest. A portion of the proceeds from any sale go to the clubs Toys for Tots fund.  

The weekend workshop July 25th and 26th  will be tailored to concentrate on areas of particular interest to the participants. It will include a talk on chair design and what critical lines and curves always mean a comfortable chair. It is a simple formula that always works. From there Brian will cover steam bending and lamination processes which he uses (some of them fairly unusual).

Brian will also discuss the basics of how edge tools work and how to control your cuts with them, and if time allows, a talk about drill bits since those are often left out of woodworking talks.  Understanding the geometry of drill bits allows one to alter a bit to get it to do what a store bought bit simply can't.

The depth of each of these topics will be adjusted to suit the interests of the participants and other subjects which arise from the discussions will be covered. 

Host: Alan Campbell



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