April Meeting

Cabinet Making - "Making a Box"

Hal Brown

Tuesday, April 21 7:00 PM


Hal Brown is a long standing TWA member and a professional cabinet maker. He is going to show us the techniques he has developed in his pursuit of excellence of results and ease of assembly. Hal specializes in high-end cabinetry for custom kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers and even your workshop. He will review the options of joinery and explain why he most often uses the pocket screw system. Many other details of cabinetry will be covered. He will discuss and explain Face Frame and European stiles. By the end of the meeting, Hal will have presented a comprehensive look at how he has chosen to make his cabinets. His method yields a true work of art fit for the finest home.
This presentation is good for the beginner and the seasoned woodworker alike. The beginners will get an overview of the total process, enough to build a cabinet. The seasoned worker will see details that will surely add to his bag of tricks.
Come, be entertained, and learn.



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