The Triangle Woodworkers Association (TWA) is a nonprofit educational corporation. The TWA is dedicated to teaching woodworking techniques through seminars, classes, and workshops; participants are required to sign waivers absolving liability for TWA or its designated representatives. The TWA promotes woodworking education and community interest in woodworking and in general sharing a love for wood.

Club Officers and Committee Chairmen

Executive Board 

President: Roy Brookhart

Vice President: Mark Firley

Secretary: Janet Batker

Treasurer: Jack Kite

Members at Large: Fred Ford, Mike Payst, Bob Andrews

Committee Chairs / Members

Program:------------ Mark Firley /Roger Sanwald and Judy Sanwald, Fred Ford, Terry Tenhouse, Allen Campbell, Jeff Leimberger, Terry Brown, Hal Brown, Mike Payst Bob Nauman, Bob Andrews, Jerry Rhoads

Nominating:--------  Fred Ford

Toys for Tots:------- Fred Ford  / HOST-Allen Campbell,, Cecil Raynor, Pete Hodges, Bob Gabor, Terry Tenhouse, Roger and Judy  Sanwald, Jim Rhodes , Mark Firley, Les Hall, Bill Schott, Alex Knittel SUPPORT Bob Andrews Bruce Wrenn

Newsletter / Publications:---------- Karin Pihel / Fred Ford

Library:-------------- Jerry Rhodes

Publicity:------------ Roy Brookhart

Mentor-------------- Allen Campbell

Facilities & Refreshments:------------ Jerry Rhodes

Raffle:--------------- Mike Payst

Sponsors:------------ Mike Payst

Hospitality:---------- Jerry Rhodes

Internet:------------- Paul Holzworth

Photographer:------ Steve Steinbeck

Membership:-------- Ken Serdar / Cheryl Serdar Judy Sanwald, Paul Holzworth, Sue Bunch

Audiovisual:--------- Tom Revelle / Leon Abbas, James Chamberlain

Webmaster:--------- Paul Holzworth, 

TWA News is published monthly and is mailed/e-mailed to members, sponsors, and associates. If you are interested in contributing articles, please send to 

Triangle Woodworkers Association