The Triangle Woodworkers Association Outreach Program

This is the 31st year that the Triangle Woodworkers Association has participated in a program in support of the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots program.  We have now deliveredd 96,809 toys for the Toys for Tots program.

Each year there have been approximately 60 TWA members and 10 nonmembers producing the toys.  Groups from 4 to 14 get together in a workshop to do the work necessary to make the toys.   All in all there have been around 40 workshops per year.

Pictures below show some of the finished products, as well as TWA members that have been involved.  Of particular note is the first picture. It is a picture of Roy Underhill who has been the host of the PBS show The Woodwright’s Shop for the last 34 years.  Roy has been a loyal supporter of our program.  Here he is shown giving one of our toys the once-over before it is given to the Marines.

Submitted by:

Fred Ford

Chairman of the TWA Toys for Tots Program