Upcoming  Workshops

Freddy Roman Workshop - July 20 & 21, 2018

Freddy Roman apprenticed under master craftsmen Philip C. Lowe at the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts in Beverly, MA. After graduating, Freddy has worked for conservation studios and cabinet shops restoring furniture, making built-ins, kitchens, architectural elements, and reproducing museum quality furniture.

In 2007 Freddy opened a furniture making and restoration studio located in Acton, MA. When Freddy isn’t working in the studio, he can be found educating the public, teaching and demonstrating across the United States.
He has been published in Popular Woodworking and has presented at Woodworking in America.

Topics for the workshop:
• The art of traditional and modern inlaying
• Different methods of cutting grooves for stringing and cutting out bellflowers
• Making and installing cuff banding, cross banding, cockbeading and square edging
• Hammer veneering and toothing a substrate
• How to sharpen a toothing plane and how to make a cheap toothing plane in a
matter of minutes
• How to work with hide glue and veneer
• Benefits of shellac

The cost is $100 for members and $200 for non-members. There is also a $20 Material Fee

Time: 9:00 - 5:00
Location: Klingspor’s Woodworking Store in Cary

Tool List:
12 inch Starrett Square
Block plane. Lie-Nielsen or Lee Valley-Sharp (or other)
Pencil, note pad, camera, 
Blue tape or frog tape. 
Burnisher, file, and scraper. 
Magnifier if appropriate (or necessary)
Cutting gauge with a knife not the wheel. -Sharp. 

For more information or to signup , contact Mark Firley at mbfirley@aol.com or 919-929-9509.



March 25 and 26, 2017 (Sat and Sun) Two-day workshop 

Designing a Personal Masterpiece with Embellishments, with Tom McLaughlin 

During this two-day workshop, Tom will demonstrate, step by step, the method he uses when putting together a new design. The process can be used in designing for a wide variety of styles for furniture pieces. Understanding and applying this process will dramatically increase your creative enjoyment in furniture making as you add more personal expression to your work.

Tom’s straightforward approach will be presented as he walks through the steps while making a simple contemporary coffee table. Topics included will be: sketching an idea, scaled drawings, full-sized drawings, creating working patterns from your drawing, and using your patterns effectively to shape the parts of the furniture piece. 

In addition, numerous furniture embellishments will be presented and demonstrated as time allows, such as: carving a lamb’s tongue with a straight chisel, texturing surfaces, pillowing surfaces, edge inlay, making and applying cock-beading, and pegging technique. There will be frequent demonstrations throughout the two-days, photos shown to illustrate ideas and lots of hands-on activities to get in some practice.

Participants should bring the following hand tools:

 A block plane, spokeshave, card scraper, bastard file, a fine rasp if possible, combination square, awl, sanding block, straightedge (24" long, metal or home-made of wood or composite material), pencil and eraser. 

It will be will be held at Klingspor on Capital Blvd., thanks to Paul Rolfe and his staff. 


Cost for the workshop will be $100 per person for members.  If you are not a member and would like to attend the workshop, please join TWA and become a member.  You can sign up for the workshop here.


Previous Workshops - No longer available

May 14, 2016 - SketchUp Workshop

In keeping with interest expressed by the membership, TWA will sponsor a SketchUp workshop on May 14th. It will be held at Woods Charter School which is located at 160 Woodland Grove Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. The workshop will be from 9:30 – 5:00, and Amy Dowden will be our instructor. Amy is a teacher at Woods Charter, a TWA member, a woodworker, and an expert SketchUp user. She has arranged with the school to accommodate 20 participants (10 using the school’s computers and 10 with laptops running SketchUp).


Cost for the workshop will be $30 per person.  


July 25th & 26, 2016 -  Brian Boggs Woodworking Workshop

We are fortunate to have internationally acclaimed furniture designer Brian Boggs, who has been building fine wood furniture for over thirty-two years, as our presenter for a weekend workshop in July. He and his team handcraft heirloom-quality furniture, one piece at a time, with a focus on design, craftsmanship, and sustainability. His original designs demonstrate original craftsmanship that lasts long enough to grow the next generation of mature trees. Ergonomic seating is Brian’s specialty, and each of his chairs is built with the human body in mind. He offers complete lines ranging from modern, sleek chairs, to traditional pieces inspired by ancient woodworking techniques, to elegant outdoor sets.

The  weekend workshop will be tailored to concentrate on areas of particular interest to the participants and will cover steam bending, lamination processes we use (some of them fairly unusual), and a talk on chair design and what critical lines and curves always mean a comfortable chair. It is a simple formula that always works. Brian will also discuss the basics of how edge tools work and how to control your cuts with them, and if time allows, a talk about drill bits since those are often left out of woodworking talks.  Understanding the geometry of drill bits allows one to alter a bit to get it to do what a store bought bit simply can't.

The depth of each of these topics will be adjusted to suit the interests of the participants and other subjects which arise from the discussions will be covered.


The workshop will be at Allan Campbell’s shop. Directions will be provided to all participants. Joyce Campbell will provide lunch. A small donation ($ 3 to 5) to cover cost of food is optional but appreciated.


 The workshop fee is $100 for both days. Payment may be made by check (made out to TWA and sent to Allan Campbell at 151 Meridian Dr., Garner, NC 27529) or online through the TWA website. Space is limited, so please sigh up early.



Garrett Hack returns to TWA

April 19-20 – Garrett Hack Workshop - Furniture Details: Decorative Edges and Faces

Garrett Hack is a contributing editor to Fine Woodworking magazine and builds furniture and works on his farm in Vermont. He is the author of The Handplane Book (Taunton Press, 1997), and Classic Hand Tools (Taunton Press, 1999). TWA is happy to have Garrett return for another presentation and weekend workshop. He is one of America’s foremost teachers of woodworking skills, teaching at schools and clubs around the country. He also has done numerous videos for FineWoodworking.com. In his Friday evening presentation, Garrett will talk about his design process. He will touch on what makes a design good – or bad. Visit his website at GarrettHack.com to learn more about this gifted furniture maker.

This workshop will give you a chance to experiment with making and using decorative inlays that can be added to your next piece of furniture. You will also learn how to add details to edges and cuffs to legs. From Garrett’s description: “Each day we will demonstrate a technique and make some of the necessary tools. We’ll talk about ways to use each detail and variations that are possible. Most of the day will be yours to work on a sample board of decorative details. We will also work on edge details. The most important place we will start is with smoothing a surface to a polish right off the plane. This leads to chamfers and edge details — chamfers at different angles and ones that grow or shrink as they move around an edge, underbevels, molded edges, and if we have time, an inlaid edge.”

The workshop will be held at Alan Campbell’s workshop in Garner. Cost is $75 for the weekend. This workshop is $250 at the Lie-Nielsen facility, so take advantage of a great opportunity.

Please call Jeff Leimberger at 919-698-8927 to reserve a spot (upon a deposit)..

Presented by: Jeff Leimberger and his team 


May 16th & 17th Workshops - Joinery -  “How To’s” From a Master Craftsman by Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton

The workshop sessions will be held at Klingspor on Capital Blvd. 9AM – 5PM on Sat. and 9AM- 4PM on Sun. The sessions will highlight the techniques and processes that have been used by Headley and Sons for many years in creating fine period furniture. 

The presenters will use both demonstrations and hands-on segments in the workshop. They will focus on joinery techniques on Saturday and furniture embellishment on Sunday. 

The first day will cover :

The joinery segment will cover dovetails, both half blind and full, as used in drawer construction. This session will also include joinery techniques for mortise and tenon and sliding dovetails. Participants will each have a workbench vise available to do hands on joinery. 

 The second day will cover:

  • Demonstration of relief carving on a cabriole leg
  • Inlaying a Federal Period fan with string inlay (each participant will make and inlay a fan)
  • Carving a classic fan (layout and carving will be demonstrated )

Member cost for the workshop will be $100. Non-member cost is $140.

Single days are available for $50 for members, $70 for non-members

To inquire about signing up contact: rcsanwald@gmail.com

After signing up, you can pay online with your credit card by clicking the appropriate link below:

Both Satuday and Sunday

Saturday session only

Sunday session only