February Meeting - Building for Impermanence

Tuesday, February 20

Michael Rolleri


What they build might only have to last for three weeks but in that time it might be climbed over, danced on, thrown, rotated, flown and carried three to five times a night while looking good at fifteen feet. Such is the job of the production team of the Playmakers Reparatory Company of Chapel Hill. While many of their techniques and practices are familiar to the average woodworker, many are unique to the theater and others differ significantly in application.

Our speaker will be Production Manager Michael Rolleri. Mr. Rolleri is in his 31st season with Playmakers and has years of experience in many aspects of technical production as well as being an Associate Professor/Head of the Technical Production Program at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is scheduled to be joined by Adam Maxfield, the Technical Director and Laura Pates, the Assistant Technical Director.