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Is it cold enough for everyone? Growing up in the mountains of Pennsylvania, march­ing in both band & Idrum corps, wearing a school uniform that consisted of a skirt, I always thought I was immune to cold. I guess I have been in NC too long. I am cold!!! Time to get out the heated mattress pad.

My little shop is coming along. I have recently added more machinery and a bunch of wood which has caused an instant space issue. I am designing a wood rack that will attach to the wall and am utilizing the rafter space for items that just need storage - a place to be. After several hours of arrang­ing the shop and organizing tools on my peg board, it is now obvious that progress is being made. I was able to finish the day by making a couple of shelves for the house without having to move one tool/saw to use another. That was awesome.

Several members who have not been attending our monthly meetings have expressed interest in joining us. The problem they are having in coming however is that they need to car pool. For many different reasons such as getting older, eyesight issues at night, our deer population at this time of year, and cost of gas on fixed incomes are just a few. It would be great if folks could connect and work out bringing these members with you when you come. I know that we have a need in the Creed­moor and Wake Forest areas. If you live in either of these areas or close to them and would be willing to help a fellow member get to a few meetings -- please let me or Kay Baker know.

Thanksgiving free patterns suitable for carving, woodburning (pyrography), intarsia or scrollsaw ideas. This free woodworking plans and projects infor­mation is a good source for cornu­copia, pumpkin, Puritan and other related Thanksgiving Day patterns.

Jim Barry's WoodworkersWorkshop.com

"Not what we say about our bless­ings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiv­ing."

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