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April 2014

I can hardly believe another month has gone by. I was very happy to be able to attend last months’ meeting. Your continued support touches my heart and keeps me going.

It looks like spring might finally be here. The yellow cloud in the air is a pretty good indicator.

We were able to have a productive board meeting this month. Anyone one who wants details -- let me know and I will send you the meeting minutes.

With Easter fast approaching I went on the hunt for something interesting to share and I found this...I hope you all enjoy and I hope you go to the website for the full details.

Worship Woodworks


With hard work and attention to details, Worship Woodworks creates and provides affordable, quality materials for the Children & Worship Program. Here at Worship Woodworks, we see it as our ministry to serve congregations, institutions, organizations, and individuals who care for children and whose purpose is helping them understand the stories of The Bible.


Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement

In his Woodchuckle column Don Wilkinson tells a very sweet Easter and Woodworking story.

Be sure to check out the website as well. I may have to step up my game as the newsletter and information provided is very good.


The site also has free pans which I found to be very intersting as they have plans for toys, furniture, easy projects, and jigs.


Truly looking forward to Garrett Hacks visit this month. Check out his workshop tour at:



Till next time...