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September 2014



 I can hardly believe it is September already. Seems the year is going by rather quickly and yet rather slowly as it has been a harsh year.

Fred has Toys for Tots rolling as production has been going well as I see from his report. My own mother is already fussing over her new pattern as she wants to produce a few toys this year. I have looked in my little shop here in Wilson and have some ideas for a few toys I can do. Toys for Tots is such a rewarding time of year. Everyone at workshops is always in such a good mood. I have heard some of the best stories at break times and lunch time at workshops. We have many woodworkers who have lived quite interesting lives, and do not mind sharing some of their past with us.

I had not heard of our speaker this month so I went looking online to see if he had a web-site and he does. I suggest you all have a look before Tuesday. He does some beautiful work. I am always in awe of the detail work some folks accomplish. It can be explained to me 100 times how you come up with the dimensions to create the angels for corners or connections or whatever the situation is and I cannot comprehend it. It is just not a place my brain can go. Jay has some incredible things on his site and some that put him in my category of wizard as he figured the angels out.


Till next time...