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August 2014

It was good to see those of you who ventured out in last months storms to see a very interesting presentation on segment turning. Personally I am not sure I could ever produce a usable piece but Charlie makes some gorgeous items. During the break it was hard to get a moment of his time with all the member questions, exactly what TWA is all about -- learning a craft dealing with wood.

August is election month and I would like to take a moment and recognize those that are "out going" for their dedication to their positions. Vice President Jeff Leim- berger has provided the club with many months of pretty terrific programing. This past year especially has been one of the best I have ever witnessed from the club with the number of named speakers as well as the mix of local artists and the wide variety of material that was covered in just a year. Jeff and his team should be commended. Trea- surer Hugh Fish is one of the most orga- nized people I have ever met. Not only is he on time for everything he is always orga- nized, prepared, ready with every question thrown his way. He is incredibly talented in his craft, extremely intelligent, gentle and all in all a really nice guy to know.

While I look forward to meeting and working with new folks -- gentleman you will be missed and your service is greatly appreciated.

On another subject entirely ... I am sure you all noticed that this month the newsletter
is particularly late and was rumored not to be coming out at all ... actually rumored by me as that is what I suspected was going to happen. Since I saw you last I have had a heart Catheterization, I have been to the cardiologist on several occasions having testing etc. done. I had a terrible reaction 
to the radiation which caused me to have the antidote injected twice to bring me back around. I have seen my primary care team too many times, the cardiologist, the neurologist, the neuro-cardiophysi- ologist, and the electrophysiology folks. I have had test, after test with and mri, and eeg still to come followed by a visit to the syncope clinic. Somewhere in all of this I am hoping they figure out what is arong with me before I head back to the thorasic folks to see about having my broken sternum fixed. I am ready for all of this to be over and to be fixed. I have other things I would like to do such as be the President to the Triangle Woodworkers Association.

Till next time...