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July 2014

admit that this month the newsletter is late because I have not had anything worthy of talking about ... until today that is. I visited a gentleman that I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with. He and his grandson are very talented chain saw artists. They have a small business in Princeton, NC. They can be found online at www.boonhillgallery.com. The website showcases some of the incredible items they make and gives you a very good idea that this pair knows what they are doing.

There are so many forms of "Art" in this world. Personally I am titled a "graphic artist" -- that is how I made my living. In doing that job I was introduced to the world of publication which I admit, I enjoyed because I felt as though what I was doing made a difference in the lives of others. My proudest moment came with the completion of a novel called "The Docs", it was created for the military in the form of a comic and its purpose is to help those who were in the war zone return to home life. My portion of the book was one of two colorist. It took a year and lots of long hours but 200 pages were created.

If I were to start listing different forms of art it would take days. Art is an expression which can be shown in many many different ways. The sculpting that Corey and his grandfather do is just amazing and definitely an art form that not many can do. They transform a log or standing tree of many different circumferences and turn it into something gorgeous and very interesting, in other words a show piece that anyone would be proud to own.

Take a few minutes and look at the pieces they have put together for their website. The photos I have used came from the gallery of their work.

So -- one more thing I want to learn how to do -- I have a Stihl -- let’s get started!

Till next time...